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Dell hinge problem, dell hinge problem solution

Dell hinge problem, dell hinge problem solution

Hinge problem is one of the most irritating problem that users see when when they have done any kind of physical damage to their laptop. In some cases the problem is critical also some users see damage in display also because of this problem. You have to be very careful if you have only this hinge issue but your display is all fine. In this case also you can’t ignore it, I strongly suggest you to repair it quickly as much as quickly as you can. Simple negligence can break your display also and in-order to repair it this can cost a lot of money. The sad part about this problem is even if you have your laptop in warranty but you can’t repair your laptop in any service care in free of cost.

When you visit any service care in your local they will simply tell you it’s an physical damage damage and repairing it is chargeable. In some cases if problem is little bigger then they may tell you to replace the whole display also. This stuff is literally so terrifying some of our readers told this thing to us, When they visited the service center they got charged for the whole display inspect of this hinge.

Well the hinge mechanism works like that is both the body and display part of laptop is different in order to price cut companies do this only in few laptops rarely we see the mechanism. Where both the display and body part is joint with each other. Well to fix it we have to work on those display screws sometimes due to rusting or because of any physical damage it either loose or they misplaces from their places. Well hear hear below i have mentioned step by step solution how you can solve this problem. You can follow all the steps mentioned below and this will help you in solving this problem.

How to fix dell hinge problem

  • Open all the screws from the back of your laptop with the help of a screw driver.
  • With the help of a pry tool disassemble the back part of your laptop.
  • Now the first thing that you have to do is disconnect the battery.
  • As like the battery remove the speaker, wifi and display VGA cable from the circuit.
  • After you done all of these remove the hinge screws.
  • Those uses who doesn’t have any problem with their hinge.(It’s just that their hinge is loose they can fix it just by tightening the screws there is no need to remove the screws).
  • After removing the hinge screws disassemble the laptop screen from the body part.
  • Remove the display cap’s left and right both.
  • Take a specific screw tool called box spanner it’s kind of a round screw. It’s just like that screw used in automobile industries but hear we have to take a tiny one which will be useful for us. If you have it then it’s good and if didn’t then you can get it from amazon (Storin 25 in 1 Precision Screwdriver)
  • Now you have to see the issue, It’s s different in every cases if anything is damaged then you have to replace it.
  • In most of the cases you can simply resolve this problem just putting some isopropyl alcohol or wd 40 spray which will makes the hinge mechanism screws works. After it looking at the situation tight those hings,
  • Now assemble your laptop again,
  • Well congratulations now you have successfully resolved your dell laptop hinge problem.

Hope this solution was informative for incase if there is any type of quarry there in your mind then you can ask us in comment section.

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