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How to install canon printer without cd

How to install canon printer without cd

Most contemporary printers include USB connectivity, which facilitates the installation of the necessary drivers. Make sure your device or computer is online in order to install operating system drivers. Turn on the printer by connecting it via USB.

How to install canon printer without cd

Some printers will initiate an automatic search for the required drivers upon USB connection. To finish the installation procedure, just adhere to the on-screen directions.

If the drivers don’t automatically start installing, you can complete a manual search and start the installation:

Windows: Click “Devices and Printers” after opening the “Control Panel.” The system will start looking for the printer after you click “Add a Printer.” Choose the printer you want to install from the list when it appears, then follow the on-screen directions.

Apple OS X: Navigate to the “System Preferences” menu. Click the “+” button on the screen at the bottom of the printer list after selecting “Print & Fax.” To finish the installation process, select the printer of your choice and adhere to the on-screen directions on how to install Canon printer without CD.

Download Printer-Specific Drivers

Printer manufacturers make drivers for their products available on their website to ensure all customers have access to all necessary software. This allows users to utilise the full functionality of their printers. To search for the necessary drivers.

  1. Note the make and model of the printer.
  2. Visit the Support section of the manufacturer’s website and search for the relevant model.
  3. Download the relevant drivers for your printer and computer’s operating system. Windows users must download Windows drivers and Mac users must download Mac drivers.
  4. Check for any additional software for your printer for additional functionality, including operations such as scanning install canon printer without cd on windows 10.

If the machine you’re using doesn’t have internet access, download the drivers to a different computer and transfer them to a USB flash drive that has at least 200MB of memory. After connecting the USB flash drive to your PC, transfer the drivers.


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