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Lg tv turns on but no picture, lg tv turns on but no picture Fix

This article will be of great assistance to you if you own an LG television and are experiencing black screen issues. You may not know how to resolve this issue. I advise you to read this article through from beginning to end without skipping any steps. Once you have, you should be able to solve this issue with ease.

How to fix lg tv turns on but no picture

Solution 1.

Simply unplug your TV cable from the circuit board and plug it into another board to implement solution number 1.

Solution 2.

Examine your TV’s HDMI cable. Often, this occurs as a result of a short circuit or other damage to the cable, which also contributes to the issue. I advise you to check it to see if it’s broken, then buy a new one from Amazon or your local store and replace the old one. Your issue will be fixed once the HDMI cable is changed.

Solution 3.

To implement the third solution, you must reset your television.

  1. Click on home button of your remote.
  2. Then settings.
  3. After it general menu.
  4. Now reset to internal settings.

We now anticipate that every single one of you has used this article to successfully solve your problem, and that your issue has been resolved. If the answer is in the affirmative, then we are truly delighted for you and proud that our post was instructive and useful to you. If, after using the solution, any of you are still having trouble, all you can do is leave a comment below with your issue, and our staff will do everything within our power to get it resolved.

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