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Redmi note 10 speaker problem solution

Redmi note 10 speaker problem solution

Redmi note 10 speaker problem solution: Are you a Xiaomi smartphone user and you are facing speaker problem in your smartphone and you don’t know what to do or how to solve this problem? If yes, then don’t worry; we are here for you. We will help you solve your problem; you just have to read the article completely from start to finish, and after that, you will easily solve it.

Hello to all my Xiaomi smartphone users! I hope you are all doing well in your lives. Today, in this article, we are discussing the Redmi Note 10 speaker problem. Hear below, where we have written the simplest and easiest solution to this problem. You can try this, and this will definitely solve your problem.

Redmi note 10 speaker problem solution

  • Go to settings of your smartphone.
  • Scroll down and click on about phone.
  • Click on the build number 5 – 6 times to get the developer access.
  • When you get it go back and click on developer options.
  • Now turn on it and click on ok.
  • Now go to dial pad and dial *#*#3646633#.
  • Click on bandmode then go to hardware testing.
  • Click on audio.
  • Select normal mode.
  • Set value 255 max value 160 set it and click on ok.
  • Now your problem will be successfully solved.

I hope you liked the article and that this article has helped you in solving your problem, in case you are still facing it. Then you can check your phone at any authorised service centre near your locality this site will help you, or you can comment below with your problem, and our team will definitely try our best to help you. There may be any hardware-related problem in your smartphone, and that is why you are facing the problem, so checking the smartphone in an authorised Xiaomi service centre is also a better idea, and if you have a warranty, then you can fix your smartphone free of charge in the service centre.

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