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Redmi note 8 pro charging problem solution

You try to charge your redmi note 8/ 8 pro smartphone but you see nothing happening, Everything was going ok but suddenly your smartphone stopped charging. Well don’t worry hear below we have written some easy troubleshooting to solve your redmi note 8 pro charging problem.

How to fix redmi note 8/ redmi note 8 pro charging problem


This is the first thing that i recommend to everyone, Sometimes the problem is just little and simple what we do is we make it big. If any simple software issue is causing this problem then it can be easily solved just by restarting the smartphone.


  • Press and hold the Power button of your smartphone along with Volume up.
  • When you see the screen will disappear at that time release both of these buttons the Power button and Volume up button.
  • Now you have to wait your smartphone will restart and after it your smartphone will be back to normal again.


When our charging cable became old it start loosing it’s capacity to charge our device and sometimes it’s doesn’t even charge. Try to use a different charging cable and check whether your problem is solved or not. If it will solve your problem then replace your charging cable with a original cable. You can get a original cable from here Mi USB Cable 120cm.


If you see your charging cable is working fine then it’s time to check your charging adapter. You can smell it if it smells like burned then there maybe any short circuit happened in the charging adapter. The best way to identify this problem is do the same. Try a different charging adapter and check if it’s working then you have to replace your charging adapter after it only your problem will be solved. You can get a original adapter from here MI Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0.


Pick up a torch and check inside your smartphone charging port there maybe any unwanted particles stucked there. Unwanted particle like sand, dust or anything these things stuck inside your charging port and this is the thing which is blocking your smartphone to charging. Take a brush and gently clean it your problem will be solved.


Tried thousands of solutions but non of them worked, If you are in this situation then what i recommend you is find any authorised xiaomi service center nearby you. After it check your smartphone there if you have tried many solutions but none of them worked for you. Then in this case there are many chances that there is any critical problem in your smartphone like charging ic problem or dead battery. The best thing that you can do hear is don’t be panic visit any service there they will check it they have proper tools and materials and they will solve this problem. If you have warranty in your smartphone then you can do this work in free of cost.

How much charge it will be the

If you don’t have any warranty in your smartphone then as well all know it will be chargeable but the question is how much. Well it’s very difficult to tell different issues have different problem but i will give you a simple brief. For charging board replacement it will cost you someone around 3 – 8 dollars where for battery it can cost you 12 to 20 dollars. Incase if problem will be more critical like any motherboard problem then the price may go high.

You can check the prices from official xiaomi website – REDMI NOTE 8 PRO SPARE PARTS PRICE LIST

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