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Home Uncategorised Redmi smartphone not turning on/ Redmi phone not switching on SOLUTION

Redmi smartphone not turning on/ Redmi phone not switching on SOLUTION

Redmi smartphone not turning on/ Redmi phone not switching on SOLUTION

Redmi smartphone not turning on / Redmi phone not switching on SOLUTION: purchased a smartphone with your hard earned money and you use it for something. You see your smartphone is running smoothly without any issue everything was going fine. Suddenly one day you see your smartphone stopped working, You trying to turn on your smartphone but your smartphone is not responding any more. You don’t have any idea what happened, Why my smartphone is not turning on. I can literally feel you what’s going on you, In today’s word where shopping to office working everything required smartphone your smartphone is not working. Not only this may have fear of losing stuffs also what’s there in your smartphone can be your family photo or you have kept any important documents in your smartphone.

Well calm yourself hear in this article we will try some troubleshooting to solve your problem and we will discuss the reasons also why this problem happens. This will give you idea why i am facing this problem which you don’t know. Just read the complete article and all your doubts and queries will be coved hear in this article

Why is my Redmi phone not switching on

Software crash

Sometimes due to any critical problem your smartphone the kernel stop responding and in this you see this problem. This problem can be solved by fastboot mode incase if it’s any critical problem then you have to reinstall the smartphone os again. You can do it in any xiaomi authorised service centre.

Display problem

Now this is also one of the major cause of this problem. If your display is damaged or your smartphone is affected with any water damage then this also cause this problem. In water damage our smartphone display is connected to our motherboard through a thin flex cable. If it’s broken or due to water damage any short happend in that cable which mostly happened. In this your smartphone will not turn on or it will simply show the redmi logo and it will just stuck there. To fix it you have to replace the display flex cable.

Battery problem

In battery there can be two type of issue possible. First your smartphone battery is totally in dead condition which need replacement. The second one is calibration problem in this your smartphone battery is all ok but your system can’t calibrate it. Even your battery is fully charged but your system thinks that you have 0 percent charge. You can take the help of this video to solve this problem. Also below in the solution part i have written the solution whatever you like you can do it,

Motherboard problem

This is the scary thing the motherboard problem is really so scary. If because of any short circuit or water damage your motherboard is damaged. Then hear in this your smartphone will be dead. Can it be fixed ” Yes be solving motherboard problem is very complicated”. You can to replace the capacitor, register whatever the part is damaged. In service centre they will advise you to replace the whole motherboard.

Redmi smartphone not turning on/ mi phone not switching on not charging how to solve it

Well now we are in the solution part as is i have told in previou also first identify the problem and after it go for the solution. Don’t be like that you have any hardware problem and you are trying solution that applicable for software problems. Every type of problem has a different solution. Hear in this i am providing you two solutions which you can try. For rest like battery replacement you can take guide from youtube you can easily get it. For complicated problems we don’t recommend you to do anything if things will go wrong it can permanently damage your smartphone also. Visit any authorised service xiaomi centre they have proper tools for it so it’s always better to be safe.

Fastboot your redmi smartphone

  • Charge your smartphone for 30 minutes.
  • Press and hold the volume down + power button both at same time.
  • Now when you see the fastboot mode release both of these buttons.
  • Now press and hold only the power button.
  • Now your smartphone will restart and turn on again.

Redmi phone not switching on light blinking

Now it’s your battery calibration issue to solve it what you have to do is

Redmi smartphone not turning on/ Redmi phone not switching on SOLUTION
  • First check it charge it for a long time like 4 – 5 hours if it works then go else what to do is.
  • Disassemble your smartphone,
  • Remove the battery terminal cable.
  • Put the charger plug the terminal cable again.
  • Turn on your smartphone again, You will see your smartphone will start charging again and it will turn on.

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