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8 June 2023
Vivo water damage, Vivo y11 water damage, Vivo y12 water damage any device Fix

We all take care of our smartphone very well but sometimes because of small negligence we can face a lot of problem. Hii there hello to all my vivo smartphone user friends expecting you all to be good. Today here in this article we will discuss about a serious issue that is water damage problem. Ya i know it’s one of the scariest problem if you don’t do right step in the right moment then it can permanently damage your smartphone also so you have to be very much careful. Hear below we have written what to do and what not to do and few troubleshooting which will help you in solving this problem.

What not to do in this problem

Vivo water damage, Vivo y11 water damage, Vivo y12 water damage any device Fix
  1. Not switching off your smartphone – The moment you see this water damage problem in your vivo smartphone immediately switch off your smartphone. If your smartphone will be turned on it can create short in the smartphone motherboard which can permanently dead the smartphone.
  2. Don’t use a hair dryer – A hair dryer/ blow dryer is made for our hairs not for our smartphone. Many people think that the heat air that came from the hair dryer will help their smartphone to dry quickly. Probably this is the worst thing that you are doing with your smartphone. The heat air that came from the hair dryer can spread the water all across the smartphone circuit and it can create more problem.
  3. Use of rice – Yes rice has the property to absorb water there is no doubt on it but you also know that you don’t have weeks or months of time to wait. Many people suggest this but i think it’s one of the bad idea to solve this problem. First thing we don’t know whether this trick work or not there is nothing guaranteed in this trick. The second thing is if it works also then also it will take a long period of time which you don’t have if you don’t do any thing immediately then it may cause corrosion in the phone circuit.

How to fix vivo water damage

Vivo water damage, Vivo y11 water damage, Vivo y12 water damage any device Fix

The first thing that you should do is, Immediately switch off your smartphone so that there will be not short circuit happen in the board. After it remove your sim, sd card, sim tray and the cover of your smartphone. Take a dry towel and wipe the phone with the help of that dry towel. Check the headphone jack and charging port also you can clean them with a ear clearer. While cleaning the headphone jack and charging port be careful do it carefully otherwise you can damage it permanently also.

After you done all these stuffs the best and working way to solve this problem is silica gel and putting the phone in sunlight. Fill a container will silica gel a bury the smartphone inside it overnight it will soak the water.

The second solution is, Put the smartphone in mild sunlight and wait for 1 – 2 hours the sunlight will soak the water very quickly and it will solve your problem. Be careful hear also if there is strong sunlight then it can damage your smartphone also specially the battery.

Check it in service centre

If the problem is critical then it’s always better to go for authorised service centre. Water molecules contain salt on it which is a good conductor of electricity and this can cause short circuit in the motherboard. Go to service centre if problem is critical there they will clean the smartphone either with distilled water or isopropyl alcohol after it your smartphone problem will be solved.

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